8" Diameter (203.2 mm) by 8" Deep Wash Sieve (8-5/8" Overall Height)
  • Brass Frame with Stainless Steel Wire Cloth
  • Upon request:  Backup cloth is available
Compare Advantech Wet Wash Sieves against any others for precision, price and delivery. You'll see why Advantech has truly been the "measure of quality control" for so many years. We take great care with every single wash sieve by having multiple points of inspection built into our process to ensure impeccable quality. We use a measurement system for our wire cloth that’s traceable to NIST standards and label each sieve for traceability. Die-formed frames assure a proper fit, superior quality and performance, guaranteeing that the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) specifications are always met.

All Advantech Wet Wash Sieves are serialized to meet the highest grade quality assurance systems for traceability of measurement devices. The serial number is etched on each wash sieve, and contained in a bar-coded label, tracing vital information such as:
  • When wash sieve was manufactured.
  • Which lot of wire cloth was used to manufacture each wash sieve.
  • Date order was shipped, including all pertinent information from your purchase order.
With each test sieve comes a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE applicable to ASTM E 11 specifications bearing the serial number of your sieve and the ship date. All safeguards are in place to support and ensure your quality assurance program.

* 1/8" Wire cloth is available but is not currently part of the ASTM E 11 Specifications.

Other mesh sizes are available. Please call for pricing and availability.
Unit of Measure
U.S. Std Mesh Size1 N/A #270


N/A #270 BR/SS 8" Depth Wash Sieve

Sieve Height

N/A 8" Deep Wash

Frame Material

N/A Brass

Wire Cloth Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Optional Certifications Available

N/A , CENTERLINE® Inspection Grade Sieve Certification ASTM E11 ($100.00)
, CENTERLINE® Calibration Grade Sieve Certification ASTM E11 ($150.00)
  • 1 Support cloth can be added to sieves with wire cloth mesh that is #25 or finer