The Horizontal Pulse Accessory for the Sonic Sifter Separator is a must for accurate separations of 45 µm or finer. This electromechanical device eliminates agglomerates in extremely fine powders. A tapping action alternates on opposite sides of the sieve frame to create a high speed shock wave, breaking down agglomerated materials and reintroducing near-sized particles back into the air stream, and then back onto the screening media. This accessory is designed to take the place of a sieve or spacer within the stack assembly.

Unit Includes: Power supply with electrical line cord for 110 volt operation (110vac / 50Hz or 60Hz)

Option: To convert your horizontal pulse accessory to adapt to varied electrical requirements you may purchase a step up/down transformer Item # P6385. Please call for pricing and availability.
Unit of Measure