CENTERLINE® Premium Test Sieve Inspection and Test Sieve Calibration Certification
Advantech’s Premium Sieve Certifications are an add-on service when you purchase a new sieve or can be performed on your existing sieves.

By employing sophisticated optical technology - like the CENTERLINE® Measurement System - we ensure your U.S. Standard Test Sieves comply with the current ASTM E11 standards created by the American Standards Testing Materials International Committee. It's yet another method to elevate quality control and provides data that can become an integral part of your Quality Assurance Program.

Adjusting to ever-changing needs
Setting quality standards above everything else, Advantech Manufacturing has been at the forefront of the particle sizing industry. Depending on your particular application, the current ASTM E11 specification limits of your test sieve may be too broad. With our Sieve CENTERLINE® Measurement System, we've perfected the ability to evaluate exactly where your sieve lies in relation to the ASTM E11 standards.

Quality Assurance
By utilizing a sophisticated image analyzer traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), your sieve is scanned for irregularities. Physical measurements are taken in a midpoint orientation of the wire in the X and y directions (warp and weft), and the wire diameters are measured to ensure compliance with the current ASTM E11 specification. The data gathered is summarized in a comprehensive verification report (Sieve Inspection Certificate or Sieve Calibration Certificate) that includes:

  • Statistical data from the actual readings (x and y directions).
  • An evaluation of the wire diameters.
  • Detailed comparison of your sieve to the corresponding ASTM E11 grade specification.

Each sieve is serialized for accurate identification in your Quality Assurance Program.

Test Sieve Inspection and Calibration Certifications
The current ASTM E11-15 specification includes three different grades (compliance, inspection and calibration) for test sieves, wash sieves and woven wire cloth. The variety of sieve certification grades allows customers the ability to more precisely evaluate where their sieves lie in relation to the current E11 standards. The standards table includes dimensions and permissible variations for the sieve cloth itself and inspection criteria for the three grades. The following documentation is provided for each grade:

      • Compliance grade sieves come with basic documentation from the sieve manufacturer that it has been inspected and found to be made in compliance to the standard.

      • Inspection grade sieves are supplied with a Sieve Inspection Certificate containing inspection data that has a percentage of openings and wire dimension measured based on the current ASTM E11 standards table providing you with a confidence level of 99% that your sieve is within the specifications. Must be ordered separately, order one sieve inspection certification per new sieve purchased.

      • Calibration grade sieves are supplied with a Sieve Calibration Certificate containing data of at least twice as many apertures measured than inspection sieves, thereby providing an increased confidence level of 99.73%. Must be ordered separately, order one sieve calibration certificate per new sieve purchased.

Advantech continues to provide sieve certification services in compliance with the older ASTM E 11-04 standard. This allows customers with older sieves to be re-certified with the same level of compliance criteria as previously performed.

      • ASTM E 11-04 Sieve Certificate is supplied documentation which is based on the older standard guidelines. The E 11-04 standard varies in that is has a fixed number of measured openings per sieve, in comparison with the current ASTM E11 sieve inspection and calibration grades which are based on a percentage of openings measured. Must be ordered separately.

As with any precision lab instrument, periodic inspection or calibration is recommended. Re-certification of your sieve depends upon usage, care and your internal quality system requirements. As a guideline, we recommend certifying your sieves on a semi-annual basis.

Sieve Pre-certification is performed when purchasing a new sieve.
Sieve Re-certification is performed on your existing sieve and must be sent to our facility for evaluation. Please contact us to verify that your sieve qualifies for sieve inspection or sieve calibration certifications.  You must include a Decontamination Declaration form when sending us your sieves for certification.
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